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Avent Electric Bottle Warmer
Price RM187.00
Product SKU SCF355/00
Brand Philips Avent
Availability 1

PHILIPS AVENT BOTTLE WARMER: Warms quickly & evenly
Fast and gentle warming of your breast milk
This bottle warmer ensures gentle and even warming, as fast as in 3 minutes* and includes a handy defrost setting.

Warms evenly
• Warm evenly, preserve the quality of your milk

Fast warming
• Your milk ready in 3 minutes!

Gentle defrosting
• Gently defrost your milk

Convenient warming
• Warm also baby food
• Easy to operate
• Philips AVENT range compatibility
• The 'Warming reference table' includes timings to warm milk

Warm evenly, preserve the quality of your milk
No hot spots will occur in your breast milk, as the milk circulates continuously when it is being warmed.

Your milk ready in 3 minutes!
Warm 150 ml/5oz milk content fast in just 3 minutes*.


Gently defrost your milk
Defrost your milk safe and gently in the bottle warmer whilst spending time with your baby. This is more convenient compared to defrosting under a running tap and faster compared to defrosting in a refrigerator. Above all, it is safer compared to defrosting in a microwave.

Philips AVENT range compatibility
All Philips AVENT bottles and baby food containers can be used with this bottle warmer.

The 'Warming reference table' includes timings to warm milk
The packaging of the bottle warmer includes a detachable 'Warming reference table' which can be kept near the device, to always have the right warming timings at hand.


Warm also baby food
The device also includes a setting to warm your baby food in a fast way.

Easy to operate
With one twist of the knob, you turn the bottle warmer on and simply select the right setting.

Eco passport
Philips cares about the environment and society at large, and strongly supports eco-design of products.


Country of origin:
   Designed in Europe
   Produced in China

What is included
   Bottle warmer: 1 pcs

Product Material:PP