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Avent Thermal Bottle Warmer
Price RM112.00
Product SKU SCF256/00
Brand Philips Avent
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Philips AVENT Thermal Bottle Warmer: Warms anywhere, anytime


Easy, safe and effective bottle warming
• Easy pouring lid
• Protective lid
• Warming reference guide

Multiple feeds on-the-go without worries
• Warms multiple feeds

Your bottle ready in 2.5
• Quickly warm up feeds


Easy pouring lid
The pouring lid clearly states open/close positions and is easy to clean.


Protective lid
By screwing on the unique protective lid on the beaker, fast and safe warming is ensured.


Quickly warm up feeds
The Philips AVENT Thermal bottle warmer keeps the water in the flask so hot, that even after hours a 6 Oz bottle content can be warmed within 2.5 minutes.


Warming reference guide
On the beaker a warming reference guide is included, which indicates for all Philips AVENT bottle sizes how long they should be warmed, depending on the temperature of the milk.

Warms multiple feeds
Heat up multiple bottles with hot water from one pre-filled thermal flask (500 ml).


Country of origin: Manufactured by Philips Avent in China

Development stages: All

Product Material
•Product Material: stainless steel (flask), PP (beaker and protective lid), PP/ABS (pouring lid)