MAM 4m+ Teat Twin Pack - Spill Free
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MAM 4m+ Teat Twin Pack - Spill Free: Ideal for baby's first independent drinking attempts


The MAM Teat with SkinSoft™ silicone surface makes drinking from a bottle so familiar for babies. MAM Spill-free Teat is a Fast flow teat and is suitable from 4 months onwards. It is the same size as Teat size 3 but should be used during the baby’s first independent drinking attempt. It is spill-free hence prevents the baby from making a mess!






• Baby approved: 94% of babies accept the MAM Teat with SkinSoft™ surface*
• Unique flat shape – always fits perfectly in baby´s mouth
• Particularly suitable for thinner liquids
• For 4+ months
• BPA and BPS Free




Skinsoft Silicone Teat
Unique flat symmetric shape – like mom’s breast when breastfeeding. Silky soft silicone surface - for a familiar feeling. 94% of babies accept our bottle teat.


Symmetric Shape
Always fits perfectly in baby's mouth.


Air Valve
Prevents the teat from collapsing. Allows for an even drinking flow.



Which teat size to choose?
MAM bottle teats come in six different sizes to ensure that the size of the flow rate is always perfectly matched to baby’s requirements and the type of food that baby is taking.




Babies should always suck vigorously on the bottle to aid their healthy development. This is why the correct flow speed is so important. The age is only a guideline as drinking patterns vary from baby to baby.



Country of origin: Made in Europe
What is included:


• 2x MAM Spill-Free Teat Suitable for 4m+