MAM Perfect Night 16m+ Soother - Cream
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MAM Perfect Night 16m+ Soother- Cream: Never lose a pacifier in the dark again


The MAM Perfect soother provides the best support for healthy oral development.






• Unique teat is 60% thinner and 4x more flexible than comparable soother teats
• Glows in the dark so you never lose a pacifier in the dark again
• Allows more natural mouth closure
• Orthodontic soother designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth
• Clinically proven: supports healthy tooth and jaw development**
• Available with MAM SkinSoft™ Silicone – for easy acceptance
• Supplied in a practical sterilising and carry box for convenient and time-saving sterilising in the microwave




SkinSoft™ Silicone
Easily accepted by babies. For a familiar feeling.


Innovative Curved Shield
A curved soother for maximum comfort with extra airflow, making it skin-friendly, helping to prevent irritation and large air holes allow you to easily see baby’s smile.


Extra Thin Teat  
Extra-thin and flexible teat allows more natural mouth closure. Teeth get more room to grow normally and the risk of misalignment is reduced.  


Glows In The Dark

MAM Night Pacifiers get their pleasant glowing effect from a luminous pigment that is added to the material of the pacifier button instead of regular color pigments. Its special crystal structure is naturally charged during the day by absorbing the daylight. In the dark, it gives off the absorbed light up to 7 hours. As with all the materials we use, this special material is completely harmless and safe and has been carefully tested by MAM.



Can be self-sterilised in 3 minutes, easy and convenient sterilising on the go.




Country of origin: Made in Europe
What is included:
• 1x MAM Perfect Night Soother Suitable for 16m+