NUK For Nature Latex Soother (6-18 Month) Twin Pack - Beige
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NUK For Nature Latex Soother (6-18 Month) Twin Pack- Beige: Soothing, naturally


The new NUK for Nature soother is the most sustainable NUK soother of all time.


Made from renewable raw materials and particularly soft natural rubber for a climate-friendly soothing solution. Shaped so naturally that it soothes 95% of babies.


The original NUK shape is also inspired by nature: round at the top and flat underneath. So the NUK for Nature soother nestles against the palate and leaves room for the tongue. It is also accepted by 95% of babies, is particularly breastfeeding- friendly and does not cause misalignment of the teeth or jaws.**

For these and many other reasons, the NUK for Nature Soother is the recommendation of medical experts** – and the favourite of climate-conscious parents.




• 98% natural raw materials – consists of more than 98% natural rubber and sustainable plastic*
• From raw materials to production with renewable energy, we optimise everything to be climate friendly for mini carbon footprint
• Original NUK shape – inspired by nature, particularly breastfeeding-friendly**, accepted by 95% of babies**
• Recommended by medical experts**: does not cause misalignment of teeth or jaws**
• BPA-free, 2 pieces per pack, packaged in 100% paper – it can be put in the paper recycle bin


Country of origin:
Made in Germany


What is included:
  • 2x NUK for Nature latex soothers (6-18 Months)