NUK Space Soother (6-18 Month) Single Pack (Mix Design)
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NUK Space Silicone Soother Single Pack: Particularly for sensitive baby skin

NUK has designed the new NUK Space Silicone Soother to protect baby skin in the best possible way and to ensure the greatest comfort for your offspring at all times. The soother impresses with its particularly flat and thin baglet, which offers sufficient space for the natural sucking movement. The NUK Space Soother, therefore, fits optimally into the mouth when the baby sucks on it. More than 95% of babies accept the NUK Soother*. The NUK Space Soother also has particularly extra-large ventilation holes that ensure maximum air circulation and allow the baby's delicate skin to breathe. For this reason, 99% of mothers would recommend the NUK Space Soother for babies with delicate skin*.







• Improved NUK original shape – modelled on a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds, which fits optimally into the mouth when a baby sucks on it
• Extra-large ventilation holes for maximum air circulation and enabling the skin to breathe - perfect for sensitive baby skin
• Thinner and narrower baglet neck reduces pressure on jaws and teeth
• Robust, reusable transport box
• 6-18 months, BPA free, 1 piece per pack




Recommended by experts: NUK Soothers soothe even better than before
The further development of the NUK original shape is right for the jaw and in line with the latest medical findings, the new NUK Soother soothes better than ever before, as breastfed babies accept this soother too because of its familiar shape. Breastfeeding mothers have confirmed to us that the NUK Soother does not affect breastfeeding*.  

In addition, NUK Soothers do not cause crooked teeth or jaw misalignment. This is ensured by the narrow, flat and thin baglet. It minimizes the pressure on the little teeth and the jaw – one more reason why the new NUK Soother is equally appreciated and recommended by midwives, pediatricians and orthodontists.


Packaging that can do more
By the way, the NUK Space Silicone Soother comes with its own home: the practical soother box. This allows the soothers to be hygienically prepared in the microwave, and transported and stored cleanly and safely at all times.