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Avent Electric Bottle Warmer
Price RM210.00
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Brand Philips Avent
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Avent Electric Bottle Warmer: Fast and easy warming

Prepare warmed feeds in minutes with a bottle warmer that manages the temperature for you. The smart temperature control adjusts the heating pattern for fast warming of milk and baby food.




• Ready in as little as 3 minutes*
• Warms evenly, no hotspots
• Warms quickly
• Defrosts quickly
• Warms baby food too




Smart temperature control adjusts the heating pattern
Put bottle with milk into warmer, add water to the warmer until it’s level with the milk in the bottle, set the milk volume on the dial and press start. Then let smart temperature control take care of the rest. It adjusts the heating pattern based on factors like the amount of milk in the bottle so the warmer warms milk quickly and consistently.


Defrost function for frozen milk and baby food containers
Like to keep the freezer stocked with extra feeds? The bottle warmer quickly defrosts milk and baby food containers too.


Warms up baby food containers as well as milk
When your little one is ready to graduate to solids, the bottle warmer also defrosts and warms baby food containers.


Easy to clean
Designed with just one piece so cleaning is easy and you can enjoy more time with your little one.


Keeps milk warm for up to 60min and automatically shuts off
The bottle warmer keeps milk warm for up to 60 minutes, just in case you need more flexibility around mealtime. Then automatically shuts off, giving you peace of mind.


Compatible with most leading bottle and baby food jar brands
Designed to fit your baby's favorite Philips Avent bottles and most leading baby bottle and baby food jar brands.





Country of origin: Made in China by Philips Avent


What is included: 1x Bottle warmer


Product Material: PP


Power consumption: 400 W


Voltage: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz


Safety Classification: Class 1