Pigeon Dry Shampoo Foam 150ml
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Pigeon Dry Shampoo Foam 150ml: Freshen up in 60 secs!


Pigeon Dry Shampoo Foam saves valuable time and removes the need for showers with its quick and easy application. Simply ideal for individuals with busy schedules or limited resources.



• Easy application with no rinse.
• Convenient and time-saving alternative to refresh hair between washes.
• Eliminates oil, sweat and odor from scalp and hair.
• Lightweight formulation with foam pump dispenser.
• Effortless styling with volumizing effect for a more voluminous look.
• Fresh lily scent that leaves hair smelling clean and revitalized throughout the day.


How To Use

Pump the foam onto your palm, massage it into your hair and scalp. When the foam dissipates, use a clean towel to wipe your hair and scalp.




Country of Origin: Made in Thailand


What’s included:

  • 1x Pigeon Dry Shampoo Foam 150ml